Fairfax County Revitalization Conferences

The Office of Community Revitalization holds periodic conferences to highlight topics and projects of interest to the community in Fairfax County. These conferences pull speakers from the region and nationally to share projects and trends that have direct impact to revitalization in Fairfax.

  • 2012 Conference: Getting it Right: Innovative Approaches to Revitalizing Retail
    October 22, 2012. Focused on how to make retail work, including trends and strategies that have been recently implemented in Fairfax County.
  • 2010 Conference: Revitalization Through Community Collaboration
    September 13, 2010. Focused on how residents, businesses, developers and government can work together to revitalize older commercial centers.

    The conference featured three speakers discussing varied approaches to engaging the community in redevelopment projects: Peggy Gaynor, president of Gaynor, Inc. discussed working on the Thorton Creek project in Seattle, Washington; Jair Lynch, president and CEO of JAIR LYNCH Development Partners shared his experience with developing urban mixed-use projects within Washington, D.C.; and, Cecilia Cassidy, executive director for Rosslyn Renaissance/Rosslyn BID, discussed how a partnership of residential, commercial and government entities worked to create a sense of place within Rosslyn.
  • 2009 Conference: New Market Realities
    September 16, 2009. Focused on how the economics of redevelopment have changed due to the recent economic downturn and the challenges and opportunities arising from the downturn.

    The conference was broken into three sessions which discussed the causes for the economic crisis and ways to prevent it in the future, a discussion of the regional economic landscape, and finally a look at innovative financing mechanisms available in Virginia.

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